Network Survey Vehicle

​We use high-end technology for functional data collection of roads. Using latest proven technologies for Indian Road Network. It complies to international standard like ASTM, AASTHO, IRC.


  • Network and project level road data collection
  • Routine pavement monitoring surveys
  • Roadside inventory and asset management
  • Road geometry and mapping surveys
  • Contractor quality control
  • Road safety assessment


  • Roughness, Rutting, Texture
  • Longitudinal & Transverse profile
  • Visual Assessment of road inventories
  • Visual Assessment of pavement defects
  • Road Geometry (Horizontal Curve, Vertical, X-Slope, Grade)
  • Continuous GPS Mapping
  • Geo-tagged images
Aakash Group offers a full range of consultancy services to collect your functional data of road pavement and road-side assets. We own following equipment to collect functional data of road
  • ARRB Hawkeye 1000 – 1 No.
  • Bump Integrator – 5 Nos.
  • E-RAY Laser Profiler – 1 No
  • Betq – 1 Nos